Below you will find links which parents may find helpful, raising children with asthma. 

Glossary of Asthma Terms

Asthma Overview

Video: How to Use an Asthma Inhaler This Video is approved by Connecticut Asthma Initiative. 

Asthma Storylines powered by Health Storylines is an App that will keep your Asthma health information in one place! 

The Impact of Asthma

Parents are the primary advocate for their children, never be afraid to speak up on behalf of your child. Below are a few helpful PDFs which may help when speaking with schools, childcare providers, family and friends. Thank you to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation for these cards. 

Asthma Nebulizer Card

Asthma Inhaler Card

Allergy Anaphylaxis Card

Allergy EpiPen Card

Student Asthma and Allergy Action Card


Part of a good Safety Plan is to make sure your children are education about their health and body. This activity book may be helpful when speaking to your children about their needs. Activity Book


State of Connecticut Department of Public Health

Asthma Action Plan Ages 0-11

Asthma Action Plan Ages 12 and Up

Connecticut Asthma Action Plans





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